Online Nursing Programs

Online Nursing Programs are a great option for students that have varying schedules each week and would have difficulty committing to a set class time and date for an entire semester. The flexible nature of online coursework makes an Online Nursing Program a convenient option for self-motivated and hardworking students.

The first step in selecting an Online Nursing Program is to do your research, make sure the school is accredited, and select the program that best meets the guidelines of what you are looking for (ex. Length of the program and/or cost of tuition). Next after narrowing down your choices apply to the schools that you have selected. Due to the large number of students that apply to nursing programs, you will want to apply to more than one school. Once you have been accepted you will begin your course work. This is where an online course differs from the classroom setting; you have the ability to do your work whenever you like, wherever you like, as long as you have access to a computer with internet. All course work for online programs is self-paced and you have the ability to log on at your convenience and complete your weekly assignments; all course work is either done through assigned reading, watching rerecorded lecture videos, and slideshows. Homework is submitted through WebCT or Blackboard. Clinical is the only portion of an online program that you are unable to complete online; this is a type of hands on course similar to an internship. The restrictions to your clinical rotation depend on the school; some programs require you do your clinical rotation at a specific health care facility you must attend while others have a list of multiple locations that you are able to work at. The students work is logged and reported to the school as a part of the graduation requirements.

Online Nursing Programs work similarly to classroom settings and the same restrictions apply. Since most of the work is done online and at an individual pace it is important that you are self-disciplined and will be 100% committed to logging on and completing your work. If you are thinking of enrolling in an Online Nursing Program, make sure you weigh out all your options and find the school most suited to your needs.